LaShonta Edwards

Educator, Advocate, Doula, Author, Mother

LaShonta is the culmination of a strong Chicago foundation, determination and most importantly, faith. She is an example of what brains, persistence, entrepreneurial spirit mixed with a warrior mentality can accomplish. 

The New Diagnosis

Dear Parent,
Do not question yourself. You are doing an amazing job with your little. It is ok to acknowledge that you may need extra reinforcements. It is ok to be scared, frustrated and cry. This is normal. How do I know? Because I’ve experienced all of those emotions. Please know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. We will get through this together.
A worried parent, Just like You

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An Evening of Hope Masquerade Gala

We are excited to introduce to the greater Houston region our annual Gala for Hope. 2017 is the Year of Joy. This inaugural event will be one of our major fundraising events of the year. The proceeds will be used to fund programs and services supplied by A Mother’s...

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